GIMP Preview Fonts / 3 Ways to Open Fonts

This is a tutorial on how to preview different fonts in GIMP, and on how to open the fonts dialog that is needed to preview fonts.

Step 1: Select / Write Some Text Using the Text Tool

The text that you have selected will be the text that will act as the preview for the font.

GIMP Text Selected

Step 2: Open the Font Dialog

Fonts can be previewed if you open the Font Dialog.

GIMP Font Selection Dialog

Once you have it open you can use the arrows on your keyboard to browse through the fonts.

There are three ways to open the font dialog

Three Ways to Open the Font Dialog

  1. Window -> Dockable Dialogs -> Fonts
  2. Adding a tab to a Dockable Dialog
  3. Through the Tools Options of the Text Tool

Method 1: Window -> Dockable Dialogs -> Fonts

GIMP Fonts Dockable Dialog

Method 2: Adding a tab to a Dockable Dialog

In any Dockable Dialog you should find a a leftward facing arrow button at the top right. Click on it, then click on Add Tab -> Fonts.

GIMP Adding Fonts Tab

Method 3: Through the Tools Options of the Text Tool

This one is a bit long winded:


  1. Select the Tool Options
  2. Open the Font List
  3. Open the Font Selection Dialog
  4. Browse through the fonts and see the previews

Select the Text Tool

Click on the Text Tool. You will have to have it selected in order to reach the fonts.

GIMP Text Tool Selected

Select the Tool Options

GIMP Tool Options Selected

Open the Font List

Click on the “Aa” pic next to the font name to open the font list.

GIMP Fonts List

Open the Font Selection Dialog

The button to open the font selection dialog is found in the bottom right corner of the font list opened in the previous step.

GIMP Open Font Selection Dialog Button


  1. GIMP Fonts Dialog Documentation

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  • Camilo Urán

    This is something that Gimp really sucks at. Every time I want to preview a font, I have to take so many steps, it’s just impossible to preview 10 fonts quickly. Even with Microsoft Paint you could just select some text, and then cycle through the fonts using the arrow up and down keys.

    • Xdek Haker

      It was way more easier in older version of gimp so you could scroll over all fonts…