I am a Computer Science Graduate, with a passion for learning and this blog serves two purposes:

  1. A personal reference
  2. My educational tool

I love getting to the bottom of things, and understanding the details of things, especially when faced with a problem. Often, I spend a lot of time and effort in these explorations, but because of the detailed nature of the explorations it is difficult to keep all the data in my head. When I come by the problem again, I find myself having to undergo the same research again, albeit faster this time, which I felt was a bit of a waste of time. Thus I have created this blog as a personal reference, so I can quickly go back and see what I did the last time.

Writing things out and explaining it to others is an excellent way of learning. By publishing my work to the public I am making myself accountable for what I write, and so I have to hold myself to the highest of standards to avoid faulty information. Thus publishing to the public helps me in avoiding baseless assumptions and really getting to the bottom of things.

Though the blog is a personal tool, I hope others find it useful. As the blog grows the purpose of the blog may change as well.