Updating WordPress Manually on a Linux (CentOS 6) Step-by-Step

These are the instructions needed to upgrade WordPress Manually on a linux (CentOS 6) system.


  1. WordPress has been fully installed and configured
  2. Have root Priveleges

I also suggest backing up your data which can be done using Akeeba as explained here

Manual Upgrade

Go to your WP root Directory

[ahmed@amayem ~]$ cd /var/www/wpsiteroot/

Download the latest version:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo wget http://wordpress.org/latest.zip

Unzip the latest version

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo unzip latest.zip

This will have created a wordpress directory. Delete the latest.zip file

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo rm latest.zip 

Let’s take a look at the contents of the wordpress directory:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ cd wordpress/
[ahmed@amayem wordpress]$ ls
index.php             wp-cron.php
license.txt           wp-includes
readme.html           wp-links-opml.php
wp-activate.php       wp-load.php
wp-admin              wp-login.php
wp-blog-header.php    wp-mail.php
wp-comments-post.php  wp-settings.php
wp-config.php         wp-signup.php
wp-config-sample.php  wp-trackback.php
wp-content            xmlrpc.php

Looks like the same as the actual wordpress directory.

Go back up to the site root and delete wp-admin and wp-includes

[ahmed@amayem wordpress]$ cd ..
[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo rm -r wp-admin wp-includes/

Move the new wp-admin and wp-includes into the site directory:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo mv wordpress/wp-admin wp-admin
[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo mv wordpress/wp-includes/ wp-includes

Let’s make a backup of wp-contents, just in case:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo cp -r wp-content wp-content-backup

Copy the contents of wp-contents into the old wp-contents:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo cp -rv wordpress/wp-content/* wp-content/

You might want to go through the directory and check that your old stuff is still there.

Delete the wp-content that we copied from:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo rm -r wordpress/wp-content 

Copy the rest of the loose files in wordpress to the site root directory:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo mv wordpress/* .

Check that nothing is left in wordpress, then remove the empty directory:

[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ ls wordpress/
[ahmed@amayem wpsiteroot]$ sudo rm -r wordpress/

Voila done. Decide what you want to do with wp-content-backup.


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