Installing WordPress Step 5: Running the WordPress php Install Script

This post is part of a step-by-step series on installing WordPress on Linux (CentOS 6)


  1. MySQL has been installed and secured
  2. WordPress Directory has been Installed
    1. Using yum
    2. Without yum
  3. MySQL database for WordPress has been made
  4. wp-config.php has been appropriately configured with database settings and security keys
  5. The Site Root Directory has been Decided and the WordPress Directory Moved there

Running the php Install Script

This is easy, point your browser to you For me it looked like this:

It will look something like the following.

WordPress Install.php Screen

Fill in the fields and Voila, we are done.

Next Steps for Pretty Permalinks and MultiSite Network

  1. Setting up Pretty Permalinks in WordPress:
    1. Using htaccess and mod_rewrite
    2. WITHOUT htaccess
  2. Creating a WordPress MultiSite Network on Linux (CentOS 6)
  3. Setting up WordPress MU (MultiSite) Domain Mapping


  1. Official WordPress Documentation on installation script

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